Country Living vs. City Living

This a list of observations since I am not only a Yankee, I am a city girl. I live in a pretty part of Kentucky. It is peaceful but I am still in “culture shock.” I will be updating this list frequently, as events occur.

City Living: I stepped over a drunk to get to my apartment once.

Country Living: No drunks in the yard, but plenty behind the wheel of every type of vehicle known to man. Defensive driving is a survival skill.

City Living: Sometimes I couldn’t find where I parked my car.

Country Living:  I have to look behind me when backing out to make sure I don’t run over one of my chickens or the neighbor’s dog.

City Living: Rats frequented the alleys and near dumpsters.

Country Living: If you don’t get an exterminator or set bait down, mice will live inside your HOUSE. One jumped out at me when I was going for a fork. I jumped out of my skin and finally, my DIY husband admitted defeat and we called a pro.

City Living: If a domestic animal is run down by a vehicle, people are sad and might call the Public Works department so people don’t have to see the remains of the poor creature get pulverized by traffic.

Country Living: That’s what buzzards are for.

City Living: If you go 30 miles over the speed limit, you could get a very expensive ticket, raise the points on your insurance, and if you do it more than once you are in real trouble.

Country Living: What’s a speeding ticket? I see Cletis and Jimmy Joe hauling ass at about 80 mph on surface roads without a cop in sight. From the state of their vehicles, they have no job. Where they are rushing to is anybody’s guess.

City Living: Yearly inspections on your vehicle. Yearly excise taxes based on the book value of the car.

Country Living: You get your car inspected once. ONCE by someone who works in the office of your county’s registrar. Usually it’s a secretary. No mechanical inspection. I suppose they just need to make sure it has 4 wheels and doors that close. Excise tax? Here, I don’t think that would be a good revenue stream, judging by the clunkers I see on the road, including mine.

Author: Bunny G

A Yankee "citygirl" moves to a farm in the country. Hilarity ensues.

5 thoughts on “Country Living vs. City Living”

  1. The view from rural New Mexico.
    1. Where we are, which is the San Juan County oil patch, we have meth heads behind the wheel to deal with, in addition to drunks. Don’t get in the way of a driver on meth who is late for work.
    2. Gotta watch for dogs, deer, and elk. Hitting one happens all too often.
    3. We have mice (boy do we have mice) and Hantavirus.
    4. Gotta fill up the freezer somehow…
    5. Every little town around here is a speed trap. It’s how they pay for their town infrastructure I think. Don’t speed in Jemez Springs, or Cuba, New Mexico.
    6. No inspection, no excise tax. Lots of uninsured.

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