Country Living vs. City Living

This a list of observations since I am not only a Yankee, I am a city girl. I live in a pretty part of Kentucky. It is peaceful but I am still in “culture shock.” I will be updating this list frequently, as events occur.

City Living: I stepped over a drunk to get to my apartment once.

Country Living: No drunks in the yard, but plenty behind the wheel of every type of vehicle known to man. Defensive driving is a survival skill.

City Living: Sometimes I couldn’t find where I parked my car.

Country Living:  I have to look behind me when backing out to make sure I don’t run over one of my chickens or the neighbor’s dog.

City Living: Rats frequented the alleys and near dumpsters.

Country Living: If you don’t get an exterminator or set bait down, mice will live inside your HOUSE. One jumped out at me when I was going for a fork. I jumped out of my skin and finally, my DIY husband admitted defeat and we called a pro.

City Living: If a domestic animal is run down by a vehicle, people are sad and might call the Public Works department so people don’t have to see the remains of the poor creature get pulverized by traffic.

Country Living: That’s what buzzards are for.

City Living: If you go 30 miles over the speed limit, you could get a very expensive ticket, raise the points on your insurance, and if you do it more than once you are in real trouble.

Country Living: What’s a speeding ticket? I see Cletis and Jimmy Joe hauling ass at about 80 mph on surface roads without a cop in sight. From the state of their vehicles, they have no job. Where they are rushing to is anybody’s guess.

City Living: Yearly inspections on your vehicle. Yearly excise taxes based on the book value of the car.

Country Living: You get your car inspected once. ONCE by someone who works in the office of your county’s registrar. Usually it’s a secretary. No mechanical inspection. I suppose they just need to make sure it has 4 wheels and doors that close. Excise tax? Here, I don’t think that would be a good revenue stream, judging by the clunkers I see on the road, including mine.