iF u rItE lIk tHiS u lOoK sToOpId

I am addressing a pet peeve. It is something we all do now and then but I think we should clean up our acts because it is making reading a nightmare.
A run-in with someone who types exactly the way she talks reminded me of this topic. Also, there is a blogger looking for a book deal who types as if he went to the Chris Rock school of grammar. That might work at the Improv but it does not translate to the page. “no whut i iz sayin?”

We all do typos. It is unavoidable. That is NOT what I am talking about. Am I the only one who tires of trying to read blogs and/or comments written phonetically?

Am I the only one who thinks it is a form of hostility to make blogs almost unreadable? Text message and street talk does not belong in any piece of writing that hopes to be taken seriously.

Replacing the word “women” for “bit*hes” and “men” with “nigga” has come back with a vengeance. Among all races.

Can anyone honestly say they prefer trying to wade through filthy words in an effort to wring some sense out of what the “writer” has written?

In the year since we elected the first black president you would think something would change.*Update: President Obama would call you a jackass!

And what the hell happened to little connector words like, “is” and “are”? This is from a blog I read last year– It is a response by the blogger to someone who said something rather dumb. Are you ready?

“u stupid”

But this person wants people to read a BOOK written like that?

It doesn’t show any kind of credibility to write like you aren’t familiar with the language. You aren’t “tough.” You are just ignorant and have contempt for your readers.

How can you expect to gain the respect of your readers if you present your ideas like you haven’t passed second grade?
u tnk ppl can undastand ths? SRY
I’m not a perfect writer but try to type so anyone reading it can understand my words. “People understand me” not “ppl’undastnd me”.
Just in case the offenders can’t understand me. Let me break it down:
Allz I sayin iz u rite lk this u hella stoopid
PSSST Only cute little kitties can get away with writing like this…

I am sure someone will be offended and call me a racist or worse. To them I say:

What? I don’t understand? I am a “cracker???” Who duddnt undastan?

Um… how about…


See? Spelling DOES count.


Am I on glue? Is there anyone you subscribe to who writes blogs like this?
Do tell.